Jesus In The Details

A very close friend inspired me today. I’ve at least made two other attempts to have a blog. They both failed, due to the fact that I lost the password, or I just fell away from it. She literally inspired me five minutes from the time I started writing. So, I opened up a word document and started writing. This is me writing.

I’m not sure to what end this will be, or who’d even read it, or what exactly I even want to say, but here I am, following a inspiration.

Its sort of funny because its sort of a metaphor for my current life situation. I feel like Jesus has thrown me out into the dark and he didn’t bother to give me a flashlight (Its like I’m blind! Go figure, since I do have limited vision :)). But I don’t need a flashlight, because Jesus is guiding me. Maybe if I saw the road ahead I’d be too afraid to follow it. Even though I don’t see the path in front of me, I know I don’t have to, because Jesus is with me. Yes, its annoying, and frustrating. But maybe that’s how faith and trust In God work.

The only way you will grow in trust is by trusting. The only way to move forward is to step out into the dark.

Because as me and this very close friend have discussed (you know who you are), Jesus is in the details.

Jesus was there when I first moved to a new town for graduate school and thought I’d fail. Jesus was there when I felt defeated and my friend called at just the right time. I’ve seen Him there for my friends when they were looking for places to live, work, or fail.

Granted, life can hurt. A lot. And we don’t get what we want, but God always blesses us with what will get us to Heaven. It hurts. Sometimes it hurts a lot. But, I’m pretty sure the Cross hurt too, but Jesus had His Resurrection, and you and I will too.

I can’t promise that I’m not going to groan and complain about it in prayer, but David in the psalms did a lot of groaning to the Lord, so I’m in fairly good company, right?

Because Jesus is in the details.


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